Curious Offerings

‘Curious Offerings’ sessions are led by visual artist, Tamsin Pender and dance artist, Lizzie Swinford, collaborating to provide creative sessions that support children’s playful discovery of the world and themselves.

Harvard Professor Elliot Eisner has described the arts as a “supermarket for the senses”.  As such the arts are an ideal tool for children to explore the world through their senses in playful engagement.

‘Curious Offerings’ features open-ended activities such as movement, mark making, massage, construction, making trails, and messy play, activities which are particularly beneficial for those children with sensory issues and developmental delays.

These activities will give children the opportunity to explore, choose, select and develop their own ideas, under the guidance of Carousel artists , as they bring their experience of working in the arts into a children’s play setting.

Sessions are interactive and collaborative, encouraging parents to join in their children’s play with new ideas and increased confidence.

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