“The Carousel Project in all its activities is underpinned by the belief that early years children deserve top quality creative arts opportunities and engagement. This is evident in the thoroughness with which they approach their projects and workshops and the professionalism of their artist-practitioners. The Carousel Project makes Devon a much richer county for families with young children to live in and grow.” – Catherine Cartwright, Director, Double Elephant Print Workshop

Since our launch in 2011, Carousel have developed a positive collaborative relationship with University of Exeter’s (UoE) Graduate School of Education and multiple collaborative relationships with local and national EY providers and strategy organisations (eg Children’s Centres and Early Arts), as well as Arts Organisations such as Exeter Library, Exeter Museum, Spacex and Double Elephant Print Workshop.

Across 2013/14, The Carousel Project artists and a University of Exeter researcher worked in local Children’s centres, pre-schools and creative spaces on a collaborative action research project. The project explored ‘how does creative arts practice effectively support Early Years children’s development?’

3 Carousel artists created and delivered six mini projects, each project
 spanning a six-weeks. They worked with over 100 children and their parents/carers, ranging in age from 4 months+  to 70 years+.  The research has been disseminated at the British Educational Research Conference 2014 at the Institute of Education in London and via this short film.   See Carousel Research for further information.

Round and Round You Turn Me – An Action Research Project from RA Projects on Vimeo

Based on practitioner expertise, academic research and our growing experience of working in diverse early years settings, we devised a number of short courses, aimed at specific ages brackets and needs within the ‘early years’ age span.

Creative Encounters of the First Kind

One Small Step, One Giant Leap

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The Ring and the Magpie

Looking in Looking Out

Little People’s Palace

Curious Offerings

Based on our ethos of providing accessible, child-centred, artist-led quality experiences, we have honed our ideas to create ‘Carousel Kits’,  a series of downloadable resources for families filled with open-ended creative ideas to recreate within the home environment.

The ‘Carousel Kits’ will make our collaborative work accessible to parents, carers and Early Years Professionals, supporting them to be the artist at home and encouraging creative exploration to happen beyond each session.

For a time limited period, download your Carousel Kits for FREE here.  Just click on the links below…

Creative Encounters Carousel Kit

One Small Step, One Giant Leap Carousel Kit

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Carousel Kit

Ring and the Magpie Kit Carousel Kit

Looking In Looking Out Carousel Kit

The creative learning and exploration that has taken place during our short-courses has already been extended into many of the homes, routines and quality play times of the participants.  Participant feedback demonstrates that our courses are helping to support and expand the way parents interact with their babies and underpin their experience of parenting, helping to strengthen the parent-child relationship.