Looking In Looking Out: Week 1

It was the first of our ‘Looking In Looking Out’ themed sessions on tuesday with our movement artist Lizzie Swinford and printmaker Catherine Cartwright and the children got printing in the the lovely Stoke Canon churchyard.  We collected leaves and Catherine showed us how to use the ink and rollers to make these wonderful branches.  We pushed them into the ground to create a mini forest.

Printmaking with leaves at Stoke Canon

Printmaking with leaves - workshop with early years children 

Print making flags with early years children

Looking in, Looking out is our new six week block for under-5s and their parents. Running alongside our existing Stoke Canon Scallywags group on a tuesday morning, we’ll be exploring the church and surrounding garden, looking at it from the inside and outside and playing with the spaces in between – doorways, windows and passages.  Using printmaking and movement we’ll find new ways to encounter the outdoors and discover some of the corners of the building that we usually don’t notice or even, aren’t allowed in!  Through the sessions we’ll be researching and analysing the value of two artists working together.  What is the nature of the collaboration between Carousel artists and how does it enhance the experience for the children and families? Read more about our year long research project ‘Round and Round you Turn me’, which these sessions form a part of, here.

Next week we will be playing with frames – looking through, arranging things in them and smiling for them.  Join us then, 9.30-11am at Stoke Canon Church Hall and grounds!

Thanks to Lizzie and Catherine for these lovely photos and session summary.

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