One Small Step, One Giant Leap

‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’

What is it?

‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’ is a course for babies aged 9 -15 months and their parents. It is the follow-on course to Carousel’s innovative ‘Creative Encounters of the First Kind’ course for younger babies.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at babies, crawlers, cruisers and almost walkers! aged 9 -15 months and their parents/carers.

Baby-led tour of RAMM. Meet the animals.

What’s Involved?

Over six weeks, Carousel artists work creatively with a small group of babies/crawlers, to provide the unique opportunity for their parents/carers to enjoy and encourage their baby’s developing physical skills and awareness, through celebrating every tumble, stumble and trip as their baby’s found their feet in the world around them. These artist-led sessions were designed to provide a playground for the senses where adult and baby could explore, dance and create together.

The course also incorporated a ‘baby led’ excursion to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to help discover baby’s sense of adventure.

The course is designed to reach the following aims:

  1. To encourage babies’ developing physical skills and awareness
  2. To promote babies’ discovery of themselves through sensory stimulation and creative play.
  3. To introduce babies to the world around them through exposure to the arts.

The creative learning and exploration that has taken place during the course has already been extended into many of the homes, routines and quality play times of the participants.

Participant feedback demonstrates that this course is helping to support and expand the way parents interact with their babies and underpin their experience of parenting, helping to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

What people have said… (Our Impact)

This course has a proven impact to make a positive difference to the way parents experience and respond to their baby’s developmental needs which is strengthening the parent child relationship.  Participants have all agreed that this course will leave a lasting impression on how they relate to their baby. All of the respondents shared unique ways in which this course has facilitated their understanding of how their baby engages with the world around them. This course has improved their ability to respond creatively and sensitively to their babies’ developing needs.  Their feedback suggest this has happened in 3 main ways.

What people have said… (Our Impact)

Parents have learnt insightful things about how their baby discovers their world…

“Being down on her level more has made me see things differently and I think we have more fun and get on better.”

“One of the most important things I have learnt is that she can take quite a long time over an activity that looks quite uninteresting to an adult”

“ I have learnt many more fun things to try with her and am now more imaginative with her”

“I lie down on the floor with her a lot now to be at her level”

“ I also try to stop and watch her more. Follow her gaze or the direction she points and asking questions like what is it?…I have noted that by doing this…she has moved on leaps and bounds with her communication.”

Parents are now more confident to try new and creative ways to stimulate their baby’s senses and help them explore their world physically…

Many respondents agreed that this course has provided them with confidence to try new ways to engage their baby, and for most a highlight was a change in attitude to embracing more “messy” play.

“I am more confident to give her time, allow her to display her own preferences and let her make (some!) mess”

“I also want to try more art/craft with her and doing this course has given me the confidence to do so.”

“I do feel more confident in how to engage”

“I now have discovered new activities and have a much larger bank of ideas to explore with her”

“I’m less worried about waste and mess now, seeing how much she enjoyed messy play has made me want to do more”

Parents are now more likely to use every day objects to stimulate their babies physically…

One of the innovative outcomes of this course is that it gives parents a fresh perspective on how to use every day household items to help their baby explore their world, from spaghetti to mirrors to shaving foam.  By demonstrating how to incorporate readily available and low cost items into creative play this course has encouraged endless new creative learning experiences for baby and parent. As well as obvious financial advantages of using everyday items it makes this new type of play so easy, accessible and therefore more likely to be extended into the home.

“The approach was really useful. Showing us how to use everyday items to encourage creativity and simulate senses made me look at my home differently.”

“I now use everyday objects as well as toys to entertain her.”

“I think for me it gave me ideas of things to do at home.”

‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’ has been an enormously successful project with a proven impact to make a difference. If you are interested in booking the course,  or to find out more, please contact

A kit to create a playground for the senses

A kit to create a playground for the senses

Download the One Small Step, One Giant Leap Carousel Kit… a kit to create a playground for the senses.

‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’ has been an enormously successful project with a proven impact to make a difference. The Carousel Project is now wanting to explore more opportunities to deliver the course and build upon this strong start.

Background to the course

The course has been developed based on the findings from our Action Research project, Round and Round you Turn Me, in partnership with University of Exeter’s (UoE) Graduate School of Education, via Dr Kerry Chappell.  Through this project we researched into ‘how and why creativity has an impact on young lives’, delivering six mini projects over 2013/14, across a diverse range of early years settings, targeting a variety of age-ranges under 5. For, we questioned ‘How do artists, parents and babies collaborate to develop babies’ visual & kinaesthetic sense’.

Find out more about ‘Round and Round you Turn Me‘ and watch the film below.

Round and Round You Turn Me – An Action Research Project from RA Projects on Vimeo.


If you are interested in booking the course,  or to find out more, please contact We are always keen to work with EY setting to raise the funds to deliver our courses so please do get in touch.