Looking In Looking Out

Looking In Looking Out

What is it?

‘Looking In Looking Out’ is short course for toddlers and pre-schoolers, exploring space, looking at it from the inside and outside and playing with the spaces in between – doorways, windows and passages.  Using printmaking and movement we have found new ways to encounter the outdoors and discovering some of the corners of the building that we usually don’t notice or even, aren’t allowed in!

Baby exploring textures

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for early years practitioners and pre-school children, in a nursery or pre-school setting with an outside space.

What’s Involved?

There are places in all our homes that children want to go in but that grown ups are always trying to keep them out of. Cupboards and doorways seem to draw our young ones’ attention and we go to great lengths to close and secure them. We decided to try and make them into creative spaces where the children could take charge… From making cupboard worlds to elastic mazes, this six week course explores how two artists from different disciplines can collaborate to support early years development making the ordinary world extraordinary!

Print making flags with early years children

Download the Looking In Looking Out Carousel Kit

A kit to make the ordinary extraordinary

A kit to make the ordinary extraordinary

Download the Looking In Looking Out Carousel Kit… a kit to make the ordinary extraordinary.

This kit is based on ideas developed by artists Catherine Cartwright & Lizzie Swinford during our course, ‘Looking In, Looking Out’, exploring how two artists from different disciplines can collaborate to support early years development.

What do you normally put in a picture frame? How about indoor objects or outdoor treasures? How about looking through it, throwing it and seeing where it lands, drawing inside it (and outside it) or arranging your body inside it to make a giant body picture? Movement artist Lizzie Swinford and Printmaker Catherine Cartwright collaborate together to design a range of activities which use frames or window mounts (the card frame that often sits inside the picture frame) in an extraordinary way!

Background to the course

The course has been developed based on the findings from our Action Research project, Round and Round you Turn Me, in partnership with University of Exeter’s (UoE) Graduate School of Education, via Dr Kerry Chappell.  Through this project we researched into ‘how and why creativity has an impact on young lives’, delivering six mini projects over 2013/14, across a diverse range of early years settings, targeting a variety of age-ranges under 5.   For ‘Looking In Looking Out’, we questioned ‘How do two artists from different disciplines can collaborate to support early years development?.  The course took place at the Stoke Canon Scallywags group, a community session for local early years children and the village pre-school.

Find out more about ‘Round and Round you Turn Me‘ and watch the film below.

Round and Round You Turn Me – An Action Research Project from RA Projects on Vimeo.


If you are interested in booking the course,  or to find out more, please contact katherine@thecarouselproject.org.uk. We are always keen to work with EY setting to raise the funds to deliver our courses so please do get in touch.