Ester’s Blog: ‘One Small Step’ week 1

In this post, our volunteer Ester Clemente at ‘One Small Step/One Giant Leap’ gives her thoughts about the first week of our brand new course for babies aged 9 to c.15 months and their parent/carer. This artist-led course, funded by Arts Council England, Cllr Olwen Foggin and Whipton Children’s Centre, is designed to provide a playground for the senses where parent and baby can explore, dance and create together whilst encouraging their babies developing physical skills and awareness of the world around.

“My name is Ester, I am a preschool Spanish teacher currently studying a Masters in Creative Arts in Education at Exeter University. I am interested in early years education and I have a passion for the Arts, two interests that come together in the Carousel Project.

On Thursday 27th of February I joined the Carousel course “One Small Step, One Giant Leap” at the Children’s Centre. A course designed to develop babies’ visual and kinaesthetic senses, in collaboration with babies, parents and artists.

In this first session the room was set up with a textured floor, rich on sensory materials and 3D shapes such as boxes or tubes. The environment presented worked as a provocation for babies and parents to explore the possibilities of those materials.  It was great to see how parents and babies enjoyed playing together, with most of the play starting from their baby’s interests.  I was impressed by the relaxing atmosphere of the room, with eight babies and ten adults playing around. Finally, it was also interesting to listen to the parents’ views about the session; I noticed how they paid special attention to what their babies were discovering and how these kinds of activities facilitate spending quality time with them.”

More on ‘One Small Step, One Giant Leap’ coming soon.

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